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Divorce may be cordial, a reluctant but necessary choice for two people who simply believe it is time to part. More disappointed than angry, they proceed with respect for each other, and they do their best to minimize the consequences for their children.

Divorce can also be chaotic, a sudden, stunning catastrophe that leaves you dazed and confused. The dream of marriage becomes a nightmare of conflict, and you feel powerless to protect your family from the storm of turmoil and pain.

Any kind of divorce can bring a downpour of legal and financial papers, new schedules and routines, disruptions and decisions. At the same time are waves of sadness and anger, regret and shame, fear and hope, one after another, swirling altogether, disorienting your judgment.

Whether the rainstorm is large or small, you need attorneys you can trust to help you navigate through it. You should be confident you have selected exactly the right people for the task.

We invite you to visit personally with the attorneys at Glickman - Collins. Team up with them to work together through the critical challenge you face.

They are convinced that decisions driven by emotional stress are seldom best, that actions proceeding from extremes of anger or sadness lay the wrong foundation for the future, and that couples with children must remember that even if they will no longer be husband and wife, they will always be Mom and Dad. 

Craig Glickman and Bob Collins have more than forty years of law practice between them. During that time they have represented hundreds of spouses in family law cases.

Sometimes family law cases involve business litigation, criminal charges or even personal injury claims. Glickman - Collins has represented hundreds of clients in these kinds of cases too. So they are prepared to handle not only simple divorce proceedings, but complex ones as well.

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Glickman-Collins Family Law
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Achieving resolutions with integrity!

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