Our Code of Conduct

The Texas Lawyer’s Creed addresses our duties to other attorneys, to the court and to clients.
We have adapted excerpts that relate to you:

1.We will pursue our clients’ lawful objectives as quickly and economically as possible.

2.We will advise our clients about mediation, arbitration, and other alternatives to litigation for settling disputes.

3.We will treat adverse parties and witnesses with fairness and

4. We will not pursue conduct which is intended to harass or drain the financial resources of the opposing party.

5. We will not pursue tactics which are intended primarily for delay.

6.We will not pursue any course of action which is without merit.

Bottom line: We won’t allow the other party to take advantage of you, and we won’t take advantage of the other party. We will achieve a fair resolution of issues, and where children are involved, we will put their best interest first. And whatever we do, we will do so with firmness, integrity, and respect.
This website is designed for general information only. The information presented at this site should not be construed to be either formal legal or business advice or the formation of a lawyer/client, or business/client, relationship.

Any pictures of people used in the video or website, other than Craig Glickman and Bob Collins, are those of models. Models are shown for illustrative purposes. Their use does not imply a personal endorsement by them or anyone of their likeness.

S. Craig Glickman and Robert Collins are responsible for the content of this website.

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